How would you eat out a girl?

Asked by Anonymous


I would first start by kissing her slowly, work my way up to deep kisses where my tongue will explore hers slowly. I’ll lean my hand down & grab her ass tugging on it upwards & once she smirks I’ll push her on the bed. Lay above her & continue kissing her by then I’ll have my hands explore her upper body, from her sides I’ll drag my hand from there to her tummy & up to her chest where I’ll grab one of her boobs & grip on it with my palm caressing it then move my hand back down. I’ll peck her lips, her chin & nibble along her jawline down to her neck until she closes her eyes & turns her head to the other side. Then I’ll spread her legs apart & drag my bottom lip up to her ear & nibble on her ear love as I start rubbing her through her shorts in a circular motion whispering some stuff in her ear. I’ll lick my way back down to her neck & begin sucking on it, tugging on your skin & leaving her hickies ina shape of my initials, while that I’ll move my finger tips in her shorts a bit enough to rub her till I feel her juices on my fingers, I’ll lean up & put those fingers in her mouth & watch her as I move up between her legs. Cuff both her boobs on my palm squeezing em & smushing em together, then rippin the shirt apart. Lean down & lick em from boob to boob & licks em up & swirl my tongue around then nips slowly having eye contact with you. I’ll suck on it a bit rough tugging on it with my teeth. From there I’ll lick every inch of her body down to where her shorts begin & slowly remove em. I’ll kiss her leg up to her thigh & kiss the side of her thigh while caressing the leg. I’ll give her ONE lick through the panties & drag my bottom lip along the edges of her panties, then bite her panties & take em off with my teeth. I’ll put her legs on my shoulder & lick her inner thigh all the way to her pussy. I’ll give it a few kisses then attach my lips & slowly give her full picks with my tongue slowly up & down & start licking it rapidly as I move my tongue in a bit & move my head from left to right quicky then lick up once & spread her lips apart with my finger tips & lick my tongue up to her clit & swirl it around it a couple times & nibble on it here & there & suck it. I’ll move my hands back up to where hers are & interlock em with my fingers & keep licking for awhile & suck on her lips tugging on em back & just finish her off. If she’s lucky she’ll have a finger or two inside while I do it

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